"Cat Versus Human" av Yasmine Surovec

ISBN 9781449408657 | Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2011 | 152 sidor

Yasmine Surovec began sketching her clever and sarcastic Cat Versus Human-cartoons as a way to relax and unwind. Soon, her popular blog at www.catversushuman.com began receiving as many as 12,000 hits per day, with a number of posts going viral and appearing on popular Web sites such as The Huffington Post and I Can Has Cheezburger.
Now, a selection of 100 Cat Versus Humanstrips - many never previously published - can be found inside this inaugural collection of Cat Versus Human. Proud owners of Felis domesticus will instantly recognize Surovec's keen insights into cat behavior and all of the characteristic intricacies of the cat-human relationship, such as the allure of an empty cardboard box trumping an expensive battery-operated toy or how a cat's favorite nap spot might as easily be inside a litter box, on top of clean laundry, or directly on top of a human face. Cat Versus Human also encourages an affectionate look at your once-was-in-mint-condition midcentury modern sofa that is now being unstuffed one cat claw at a time.

"Träffsäker humor med hög igenkänningsfaktor för alla kattvänner!"



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