lördag 18 september 2010

"The river underground" av Arvid Nelson, Eric J & Jeremy Cox

ISBN 978-1-59307-682-5 | Dark Horse Books, 2006 | 176 sidor
(Rex Mundi, 2)

Rex Mundi is a quest for the Holy Grail told as a murder mystery, set in a Europe where the Catholic Church never fell from power and sorcerers stalk the streets at night.

Doctor Julien Saunière investigates a medieval scroll stolen from the crypt of a Paris church. Hestumbles onto a series of horrific murders perpetrated by an ancient secret society devoted to the Holy Grail itself. The stolen scroll holds the key to an ancient riddle that threatens to drown the entire world in blood!

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"Det räcker med ett ord … Beroendeframkallande!"


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